An iconic flag for Raleigh​

A shared symbol​

The City of Oaks. Sir Walter Raleigh. A city brimming with civic pride, its history and identity now conveyed by a stylish new banner.

A grassroots movement has brought an iconic flag to our city. Households and businesses are displaying the handsome new flag, proudly proclaiming our shared civic identity. The flag now awaits official adoption by the city.

Honoring the past. Looking to the future.

The proposed new Raleigh flag incorporates Sir Walter Raleigh’s coat of arms – a red shield with five silver diamonds in diagonal – into the iconic acorn emblem that symbolizes our stately City of Oaks. The new design preserves the intent and colors of Raleigh's historic flag while offering a more distinct and compelling imagery.

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What’s in a flag?​

A flag signals identity. In cities, civic flags represent a shared history, identity, and purpose. A flag's symbolism crosses cultural and political boundaries and binds us together as a community.

More than a city — a community

Residents and business owners are proudly flying the new flag in all parts of town. The flag is embraced by a broad cross section of our citizenry...all part of our diverse, thriving community. All part of Raleigh.

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Get involved!

Want to amplify Raleigh's civic pride? Help raise awareness and promote the new flag. Fly a flag at home or at work. Rock some flag-themed gear. Spread the word and contact your city council member.​