Bringing an iconic flag to Raleigh​

Welcome to the New Raleigh Flag Campaign!

A great city deserves a great flag. Citizens of Raleigh have launched a grassroots movement to adopt a banner that conveys our civic pride. Residents and businesses are already flying the newly designed flag around town. This campaign raises awareness of the new flag and asks the city council to instate it as an official flag of Raleigh.

Time for an upgrade

The current flag of Raleigh is outdated, overly complex, and undistinguished. We're due for a renovation.

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What makes a great flag?


A flag should be highly memorable. Therefore, simple designs are best.​ ​ A child should be able to draw any good flag from memory.​ ​

Flag experts publish design principles to guide the development of great flags. These principles emphasize simplicity and meaningful symbolism. A great city flag is simple but carries relevant symbolism to inspire a sense of community.​

An elegant update​

The proposed new Raleigh flag incorporates Sir Walter Raleigh’s coat of arms – a red shield with five silver diamonds in diagonal – into the iconic acorn emblem that symbolizes our stately City of Oaks. The new design preserves the intent of the historic Raleigh flag while offering a more distinct and compelling imagery.

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Riding the wave​

Cities far and wide are embracing great flag design principles and updating outmoded flags. It’s time to join the movement.​

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Get Involved!

Help promote the New Raleigh Flag Campaign. Fly a flag. Rock some swag. Spread the word and contact your city council member.